Its been really nice ordering a Glass finish kitchen at Morbiwalas as they understand the requirements and proposed the
kitchen as per the space available. Good finish and on time delivery.

Prashant HalankarContours The Design Company (CTDC)

It’s a relationship of more than 2 generations and with a long list of satisfied clients.
Great team, Excellent finish and understanding of the customers needs and budget.

Yasar MerchantGlobal Designs

Did a kitchen for my client in Adani Western Heights(Andheri West). Combination of Laminate and Glass was proposed. The look of the entire kitchen changed.
The kitchen fitted in my budget and also there was enough storage for my groceries to store and take the weight. Looks wow !!!!

Mitali ThakurAkruti Design

More than 5 years of experience with Morbiwalas and did a parallel kitchen in Kanakia(Bandra West). Good team as they used the space to the best of
ability with great combination of Acrylic and High Gloss Laminate. Very well organized kitchen designed and am happy cooking as things are in place.

Nayan DoshiNimit Associates

Bought a kitchen in the month of Nov 18. The kitchen was designed very elegantly.
Glass finish on the shutters is really nice. Overall an excellent work by the team

Neepa ViraNeepa Vira & Associates